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Illuminate Photography class!

I have this online friend Beryl who is also a fellow writer on Still Standing Mag.  Beryl just quit her full time job to pursue her photography business.  In doing so she realized she no longer had the time to offer her Illuminate class so she has decided to put it online for FREE to all loss parents!

I wanted to do this class last year but didn’t have the money but now I’m able to do it!  It’s a 4 week class and you get the assignment, watch video, get some inspiration and GO!  You also get Beryl’s email addy and support from her via email or Facebook.

Since losing Cthaeh in May(I’ve realized I never wrote the post I meant to about Cthaeh in detail, I’ll do that soon) I’ve not done well and I feel the need to DO something, create something, anything.  I can’t draw or paint like my friends Beth Morey or Stephanie of Beyond Words Designs, I don’t make cool subway art like Franchesca of Small Bird Studio, and don’t make amazing memorials in the sand like Carly, but I have a camera and can take some photos, even if I know nothing of photography.

This first week’s assignment is to write a letter to your baby/babies who are not with you anymore.  I made mention that I wasn’t comfortable with that so she came up with a new assignment for me: how about a letter to yourself, telling yourself exactly what you’re so amazing, all the good parts of you even without a baby in your arms. Or a letter to yourself that describes the feelings that come with being an infertile.

^^^That, I can do, it’s still challenging but doesn’t make me want to back into a corner and not leave.

The photo assignment is self portraiture.  This has been hard.  I don’t often take selfies in the first place and lately I barely look in the mirror.  I look at pieces of me and focus on that but not the whole me, my whole face or body.  It’s like I don’t know who that person is looking back at me.  So this is forcing me to look, experiment, edit and change ideas.

Maybe by the end of the 4 weeks I’ll be able to see at least a small part of me again.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you! I hope you can really enjoy it.

  2. Emily (

    There is something very profound of stepping back and taking a look at yourself with no filters. I love how she incorporated the writing exercise to look at your inner self, along with the self-portrait to look at your outer self. I also think your alternate assignment creates a very positive experience. I hope you’ll share what you create if you feel comfortable doing so at some point. This sounds so therapeutic. I hope you’ll get something out of it!


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